About Us

We are a not-for profit organic food store founded by a group of volunteers in 2008. Affordable, trust-worthy and 100% chemical free! reStore sources directly from farmers, and brings local, traditional organic foods to Chennai citizens

reStore is a response to the continuing damage we see today—to our individual health and well-being as well as to the environment. The modern urban consumer is caught in a developmental paradigm that is proving to be increasingly unsustainable for future generations.

Unconscious consumption patterns, plus a loss of connection with the sources of our food and all of the things we use on a daily basis have largely contributed to this.

Also as a result of this prevailing developmental model, large sections of the population including the small farmer, rural artisans and craftpeople, traditional knowledge workers and other disadvantaged groups have remained marginalized or threatened by dispossession.

What is the role of reStore?

reStore promotes healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. 

In doing this, reStore works with both the consumer and the producer. 

With consumers reStore helps catalyse introspection, questioning and dialogue about issues to do with health (psychological, physiological and spiritual); present-day consumption patterns as well as sustainability issues to do with the production and distribution of food and other articles of our daily use. Towards this end, reStore encourages the free sharing of knowledge and resources that provide information and insight into the ecological, health, economic and other costs of modern, urban lifestyles. 

By inviting city folk to take part in field trips and farm visits, reStore helps connect consumers with the sources of their food and thus attempts to bring them back in touch with nature.

reStore makes available food (and other natural) products that have been produced using sustainable practices such as organic farming, since this is integral to bringing about change in people’s lives. 

The products sold by reStore are sourced largely from local, disfranchised producer groups, such as the small organic farmer, rural artisans, underprivileged groups, SHGs and so on, so as to help support their livelihoods. reStore is a not-for-profit venture; further, reStore engages in commerce that attempts to be as fair and transparent as possible to all three stakeholders: the producer, the consumer and the entrepreneur. 

How do we wish to do this?

reStore would like to carry out its mission by bringing together a community of people who will engage in genuine exploration of issues, free exchange of knowledge and a questioning of present-day value systems. 

Encouraging volunteerism, a sense of participation and involvement in our activities by individuals, communities and groups from around the city form the basis of our operations. reStore wishes to continually reach out to wider sections of society by actively encouraging creative, dynamic ways of expanding our space. 

Networking with other like-minded groups is therefore core to our work.